The Platypus Book

The Book of the Fantastic Platypus World will be a series dedicated to children, focusing on the exciting adventures that take place in the World of Platypus. Each book in the series will offer a unique approach, combining engaging storytelling, humor and educational elements. The work will be richly illustrated, with vibrant and diverse typography, creating a captivating visual experience for young readers.

Currently, the process of creating the first book is at an early stage, with specific details still under development and therefore unavailable for release. It is important to note that the books will be written by a renowned author with vast experience, and will have the support of a publisher who sees opportunities in foraying into the Web3 niche. This publisher will be involved in all stages of the project, from production to the launch and continuation of the series.

Although the distribution of the Equity generated by this project is not yet fully defined, due to some outstanding details, the initiative promises a significant contribution of profits for our Holders.

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