The Platypus World

The Platypus World stands out as a pioneer in the integration of companies in the WEB3 era, creating a unique synergy between the NFT Collections on the Cardano blockchain, the associated projects and companies, and our own digital coin, $TYPUS. This strategic interconnection is meticulously designed to amplify the value of each component, thus establishing a solid and innovative ecosystem.

At the forefront of our mission is the promotion of projects and associated companies, which stand out for their solid profit potential. Through the resources and visibility provided by our project, we facilitate access to funding and accelerate the process of bringing these companies to fruition. Our coin, $TYPUS, acts as a central unit, facilitating transactions, rewards and interactions within the network, while a portion of the profits generated by these companies is distributed in $TYPUS to the holders of our NFTs, providing a direct share in the venture's earnings.

In this way, The Platypus World positions itself as an innovative facilitator in the WEB3 financial landscape, where equity, represented by NFTs and $TYPUS token, is distributed fairly, creating a collaborative and sustainable financial ecosystem. This approach aims to promote a market dynamic that balances financial efficiency with an equitable distribution of benefits for all participants.

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