The Platypus Egg

The Platypus Eggs collection is made up of 333 NFTs, all the same. These NFTs are very valuable in the network, as they have exclusive characteristics that set them apart.

All holders who have the same number of Eggs will receive the same percentage of passive income from the revenues of the associated companies. Other benefits will also be evenly distributed.


Although the companies are part of The Platypus World network, the lucrative revenues from them will not come to us, but to you, the holders. The Platypus World aims to finance and promote the companies, generating revenue and equity for the holders of our NFTs.

Our equity mechanism ensures that holders receive dividends from all associated companies, not just one in particular. We seek to build a broad and diversified network of companies with significant growth potential. Dividends come from all the companies, with varying allocations and distribution dates. For specific details on each company's income distribution, please refer to their individual pages.


Of the total revenue distributed to the holders of our collections, 15% is reserved for The Platypus Eggs.

Practical example:

If the profits made by Non-Fungible Toys for TPW Network are 60,000$ for the first quarter of 2025, at the end of that quarter The Platypus Eggs Collection will be entitled to 9,000$. And so on for all the companies associated with the network. The holders won't just receive from one company, but from all of them.

For a detailed understanding of revenue distribution, visit the Equidity page.

Throughout this undertaking, we have committed ourselves to prioritizing the interests of unitholders. While we have outlined a strategic plan, we recognize that the active participation of stakeholders can influence and shape our future trajectory.

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